Current Projects

Our projects are focused on both our audience and our station’s volunteers – improving experiences all around. There is no commercial focus at all, they are just fun projects we’re currently considering.


We’re looking for the next great idea. Any ideas? Contact us!

In Production

  • Project Falcon – Complete!
    Real visualised radio for Insanity on student finance.

    • £3,000 total budget
    • Broadcast quality television station (no webcams!)
    • In-house distribution and social media engagement tools
    • Completely automatic operation (camera selection, etc.)
  • Transmission Overhaul
    Re-engineer our transmission chain from the ground up to support multiple input and output paths

    • Online stream DSP/digital signal processing
    • DASH audio output
    • Automatic scalability
  • Online Rebuild
    Overhaul our online user experience

    • New website
    • New online player
    • Overhauled show scheduling system